Les Jewish Monkeys

06/02/2017Interview: Quand Le Klezmer Revient A La Mode

Here's a little something for all our francophone friends, followers and supporters out there. Recently recorded in Tel Aviv, Jewish Monkeys frontman Gael Zaidner joined television host Valérie Pérez and journalist Arielle Sibony at i24News to speak about the ongoing Klezmer revival, the role of the Jewish Monkeys in all of this and more.

When asked, where the band gets its inspiration from, be it politics, religion or current events, Gael answered: "I think it's all of above. We're not religious, but we do have feelings for or against religion, or for or against politics. We try to be critical, but the vessel for our criticism is always humour. People tend to defend themselves less against humour than they do against a more violent expression of criticism. [...] We never really discuss politics within the group, but we are well aware that all our actions are political."

Well said. So without further delay, here's the clip in French: Le voici! Also, if you happen to be in Tel Aviv this Tuesday (February 7th), the Jewish Monkeys will be playing a gig at Kuli Alma, including brand new songs from their upcoming album "High Words". Check the event!

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom