Dancing To Nothing

23/02/2017MALOX Add Assaf Talmudi To The Mix And Unveil Raucous Live Studio Take

BREAKING: Our favourite two-man wrecking crew... Wait a minute. Re-wiiind! Make that a three-man wrecking crew. Yes, you heard right. MALOX, our favourite three-man wrecking crew, has evolved and will be performing as a trio from now on. Joining the musical one-two punch of Eyal Talmudi (sax, clarinet, bag-pipes) and Roy Chen (drums) is Eyal's brother Assaf Talmudi, who will add his keyboard genius and electronic flair to the already potent mix we witnessed on the combo's latest LP "Gaza Trip".

This literally opens up an entire new realm of possibility, which has us twitching nervously in anticipation of what's to come. That being said and if only to put our restless souls at ease, the new and improved three-piece just released a brand new studio video, recorded and performed live at Slik Studios in Tel Aviv and even including what looks to be a vocalist. You decide.

The video is called "Dancing To Nothing" and is a rawer, more straight-forward take on a previous collaboration between Eyal Talmudi, Roy Chen and Buttering Trio's Rejoicer, released via Time Grove Selections on a record called "Saved My Eyes From Tears" (featuring Omri Mor). New MALOX member Assaf Talmudi, by the way, is a leading producer, composer and instrumentalist on the Israeli pop and experimental circuit and has produced albums for the likes of Berry Sakarof, Ehud Banai, Shlomy Shaban and Shai Tsabary. But for now, let's enjoy "Dancing To Nothing". This track really has a vamped up Ethiopian jazz / Mulatu Astatke vibe to it. Don't you think?

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom