Souvenirs De Togo

25/10/2018My Old Friend Fred Martin Readies 45-Minute Mix Of African Treasures

Paris-based collective Les Mains Noires are back with another fascinating mixtape. In August, My Old Friend Fred Martin embarked on a month-long record digging trip to the West African nation of Togo, along with Jean Toussaint of Les Diplomates

There he unearthed another batch of African treasures from Togo, Ghana, Nigeria and Benin, including two tracks by Togolese artist Ali Bawa.

He now compiled his best finds into a 45-minute mix, which you can listen to via Mixcloud. You can find more artwork on the LMN blog as well as a tracklist below. Enjoy!

MAMO LAGBEMA // Zambo Zambo (Togo)
CHRISTIE AZUMA and the Uppers International // Naam (Ghana)
ALI BAWA // Liwou Tikpe (Togo)
THON KOMLAN et orchestre Abass // Honam (Togo)
THE NIGERIAN POLICE DANCE BAND // Eko Ndun part 2 (Nigeria)
ALI BAWA // Labodja N°2 (Togo)
ANDY VANS // Dofo Nyi Ekyir (Ghana)
BB COLLINS // Anoma Antua (Ghana)
GNONNAS PEDRO // YirirYiribom (Benin)
GG VIKEY // Agoo (Benin)

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom