El Sudaca Contraataca

28/09/2018Colombian Collective In-Correcto Releases Third Compilation Of Latin American Counterattacks

While browsing the web for more topics to share with you, we discovered this gem by Bogotà, Colombia based collective In-Correcto and couldn't believe our ears. Unravelling before us was a compilation featuring various seemingly local artist, creating a patchwork of sounds rich in tradition yet eerily modern in sound, ranging from alternative to experimental, downtempo and tropical. Titled "El Sudaca Contraataca", the Latin American Counterattack, this their latest release is the third volume of the eponymous series and quite a trip! 

You can buy/stream the entire release here, which also goes for Volume 1 and Volume 2

El Sudaca Contraataca Vol. III

Ibu Selva - Guerrilha Primitiva
Rodrigo Gallardo - Detrás del Arbol de la Razón
Santiago Navas - Balanza (ft. Juan Orduz)
Cerrero - Cuando Canto Grito (ft. Lucía Pulido)
YOPÓ y Un Sur Gente - Lo Que Pudo Ser (ft. Galeano)
Ome - Tumbao
Biomigrant - A la Sabana Se Van en Van (ft. Miguel Polo)
La Tromba Bacalao - Chococristo
Julián Mayorga - Los Panches Telépatas Sangran por la Nariz (ft. Niels Broos)
Qapac - Elemental
Yule - Transpantaneira
Mente Orgánica - Niebla
Fernando Toth - Villa Crespo

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom