Music Freedom Day

Video: From Zombies To Revolutionaries

Wake up everybody because today, March 3rd, is Music Freedom Day, a day that pays tribute to everyone struggling to move things forward in the fight for human rights, the right of artists to perform their music as well as the right of people all around the globe to listen to that music. Because after all, music and art need to be considered basic human rights.

Or, in the words of the great Fela Kuti, one could also say that “music is the weapon of the [...]

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Voices Of Iranian Women

A Curated Collection Of Peaceful, Forbidden Sounds
GreedyforBestMusic-MojiTaali-VoiceofIranianWomen-Mixtape-SoundCloud-(c) BaharehKianAfshar

Strolling through the depths of the world wide web, we stumbled on this nicely curated collection of 15 Iranian vocal works by female singers and musicians, “whose voices have been suppressed in recent years [and that] are forbidden from singing alone and can only sing along with men”. Although some of the instrumental bits are slightly melodramatic for our taste, the magic of this compilation is truly in the beautifully soothing voices and mystic [...]

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A Sampling-Produced Ethiopian Jazz Revival In The Western Hemisphere

In our ongoing attempt to find best music from across the globe, the art of sampling has invariably remained within our scope. Though naturally one of our objectives has been to reveal the original source material, i.e. music often rooted in cultures located beyond the Western hemisphere, who's exotic draw of being extra-ordinary, has and always will be a factor, we cannot help but marvel at the ways many of those ‘far-away’ productions have worked their [...]

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German Chronicles

Mini-Documentary Featuring The Jewish Monkeys, In Three Parts

Deeply impressed and profoundly moved by their latest visit to Germany, the Jewish Monkeys decided to revisit the cutting room and share their German Chronicles, a three-part web series documenting the band's visit to Dresden as part of their Global Warming Tour last year, where they performed for refugees and attended an anti-Pegida demonstration in musical and verbal solidarity.

Watch Part 1 below and Part 2 in our video section, airing just in time for the [...]

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A World Radio Day Special Broadcast With Author Ilija Trojanow

According to the UNESCO, radio to this day "remains the medium that reaches the widest audience worldwide, in the quickest possible time". That being said, February 13th marked the official World Radio Day, a day to celebrate the medium's unique role as well as its longlasting form and function as well as to promote the work of independent broadcasters in securing "international access to information and freedom of expression".

To mark the occasion, Greedy's [...]

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Loco & Hot

A Tel Aviv Two-Piece Sizzling On The Underground
GreedyforBestMusic-LocoHot-Tamir Muskat-GiladKahana-Nadlan-ApeRecords-presspic

Currently bubbling up on the Tel Aviv boardwalk is yet another APE Records product by the enticing name of Loco Hot. The brashly innovative duo is composed of drummer Tamir Muskat, producer of Asaf Avidan's latest hit album "Different Pulses", and lead-singer Gilad Kahana, the influential trend-setter of Israeli pop phenomenon "Girafot".

The two have joined creative forces to release their sizzling hot single "Nadlan", a twisted fusion of Hiphop beats, [...]

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Lunar Love

Mop Mop Announces Upcoming Album Release On Agogo Records

With a proven track-record of four successful studio albums to date, Berlin-based Italian multi-instrumentalist, producer and composer Andrea Benini, alias Mop Mop, has rounded up the troops and announced the upcoming release of his combo’s fifth longplayer “Lunar Love” on Agogo Records.

So far, not much is known about their latest project, but judging by the band’s previous productions, rooted in jazz, yet incessantly seeking to widen the genre’s [...]

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African Fabrics

Global Bass Connoisseur Daniel Haaksman Questions Our Perception Of 'The Dark Continent'

“A Picture of a pipe isn't necessarily a pipe, an image of 'African Fabric' isn't necessarily authentically [and wholly] African.” –Yinka Shonibare

Global tastemaker, DJ, producer, labelhead and urban bass music connoisseur Daniel Haaksman, who apart from his weekly Luso FM radio show on Funkhaus Europa recently brought us his sonic Duck Rock essay, returns to our speakers with his personal interpretation of what African music in the 21st century sounds [...]

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Victoria Hanna On A Hiphop-Tinged Exploration Of The Hebrew Alphabet

From the hands of APE Records' label-head and drummer-extraordinaire Tamir Muskat (Balkan Beat Bot) comes one of our favourite productions of 2015, namely Israeli vocal artist Victoria Hanna's musical rendition of the Hebrew Alphabet, in a mesmerising video that went viral and generated over half a million YouTube views to date. 

The video shows Hanna standing in front of an all-girls classroom, as she begins to recite the Hebrew letters one by one, while her [...]

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Primal Instinct

Up-And-Coming Tel Aviv Imprint APE Records Set To Raise The Bar

There is a new beast in Tel Aviv’s musical animal kingdom, a newly formed boutique imprint with a music-first approach to handling its business. Founders Tamir Muskat (drummer & producer) and Eyal Gruenberg (an experienced music executive) set the record straight from the start:

"We are not a label”, Muskat says. "Our passion is music and that's what we are aiming for, be it nationally or internationally. All we want is to put out records we love that are [...]

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Bixiga 70

Hyperenergetic Brazilian Collective Delivers A Mini Mix For The Road

All the way from the Brazilian megalopolis of São Paulo comes this hyperenergetic ten-piece of ubertalented individuals in it for the same reason. Music is their connection, their driving force and their collective ambition: "Their collective influences include jazz, funk and Afro-Brazilian music, and stretch further afield into dub and reggae, electronics, cumbia and carimbó, ethio-jazz and samba."

Named after a vibrant neighborhood in downtown São Paulo, [...]

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Beautiful Egypt

A Rump-Shaking Mix Of Rarities From Cairo To The Nubian Desert

Self-proclaimed purveyors of "Global Eclectic Supersounds", the Radio Martiko soundsystem is on a worldwide mission of digging up exotic, lesser-known tunes on vinyl and playing them out live. Last year the Belgian collective of DJs and diggers added a record label to the mix and began furnishing quality re-issues from the vaults.

They are not, as one might assume, a radio station. However, they do have a string of equally fresh mixtapes under their [...]

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