Electric Conscience

Istanbul/Cologne's Elektro Hafiz Delivers A 'Sazzy' Blend Of Anatolian Psych Grooves

Let's just get this off our chest straight away: Here's an album that pretty much slipped under our radar and that we believe deserves way more attention than it has garnered to date. The İstanbul-bred, Cologne-based artist Elektro Hafiz released his eponymous solo album on Pharaway Sounds back in spring, an electric saz smorgasbord of Anatolian psychedelia, mesmerising funk and progressive grooves moulded into a cutting-edge sound tapestry, bridging many a [...]

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Noura Mint Seymali

Introducing A New Era In Moorish Tradition

When her debut album "Tzenni" impacted in 2014, Noura Mint Seymali hit the ground running. As expressed via NPR: "the arrival of [this] Mauritannian vocalist in front of Western audiences feels like the start of a new era". And indeed, so it is.

In a whirlwind of events Noura was awarded "Best Female Artist from North Africa" at the African Union's 2015 AFRIMA awards and this summer, took to the stage alongside Damon Albarn and The Orchestra of Syrian [...]

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Tel Aviv's Malox unveil explosive new clip featuring Echo & Tito

There's nothing like a Ms. Bombastic to pull you back out of that holiday hole you dug for yourselves. If you were wondering how we came up with this metaphor, Tel Aviv's terrible two, alias Malox, just teamed up with the equally impressive Echo & Tito, to release their joint cover and souk-tinged counterpart to Shaggy's notorious smasher "Mr. Boombastic". The track is off their latest album "Gaza Trip" released earlier this year and a real blast.

Before you [...]

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Peruvian Folklore

11 Latin American Producers Have A Go At Field Material By Vincent Moon

Following our tour of the Ecuadorian Highlands by ways of Nicola Cruz's brilliant mix a few weeks back, we now return to the South American continent for a sonic journey through Peruvian folklore. The latest compilation by Latin American music and culture magazine Sounds and Colours, delivers a forward-thinking selection of tracks entitled "Sonidos Raíces del Perú".

"Our aim was to show the beauty of traditional Peruvian music and customs, but in a [...]

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Caribbean Roots

Anthony Joseph Embarks On An Afrofuturistic Journey Of His Calypso Heritage

"Call me 'Neckbone', I'm a man, and this is how one day, I burned down tha brewery..." – Anthony Joseph "Neckbone"

In the modern day Northern Hemisphere the Caribbean is often associated with luxury cruises, leisurely island hopping and the occasional painting by Paul Gauguin. Others however, may feel reminded of a harsh colonial past, a vibrant yet scattered diaspora and a rich cultural heritage stretching from San Fernando/Scarborough, Kingston and Les [...]

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Legend of Selda

Turkish Folk Icon Selda Bağcan Details Her Politically-Fueled Artistic Past

Last weekend at Barcelona's Primavera Festival Turkish folk icon Selda Bağcan took to the stage with Tel Aviv psych-rock outfit Boom Pam to present their latest collab project, alias SELDA feat. BOOM PAM.

Back in 2014, in light of an upcoming performance at the Dutch independent music festival Le Guess Who?, Selda gave a 5-minute interview, detailing her outspoken artistic approach and past political involvement, which led to a 20-year ban and subsequent [...]

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Acordeon Reloaded

Quantic Readies '80 Years' Tribute Mix To The Lightning-Quick Anibal Velásquez

The inimitable and prolific musician, producer and selector Will Holland, better known as Quantic, has done it again. Currently residing in Brooklyn, the UK-born jack of all musical trades continues to dig deep, dedicating his latest mix to the great Anibal Velásquez, legendary and lightning-quick accordion player and singer, or as Holland puts it:

"This is a short mix dedicated to Maestro Anibal Velásquez, incredible musician and the world’s most [...]

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212 Story

Istanbul's Kaan Düzarat Lays Down Mixtape Of Anatolian Classics

Amongst all the political turmoil these days Istanbul, the Turkish metropolis populated by an estimate 20 million inhabitants, is set to welcome the new, biannual 212 Magazine to its glossy ranks.

In light of the pioneering first issue to appear this week, local DJ, producer, record store owner Kaan Düzarat teamed up with Murat Meriç to include an exclusive essay on the history of Anatolian pop music.

To accompany his piece, the publication asked [...]

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Meat Heat Beautiful Feet

New Jewish Monkeys Video: When Suburbian Ennui Goes Freudian

This one has been a long time coming. Nestling up to the other nine tracks on their debut album "Mania Regressia", somewhat like that pink elephant no one was willing to talk about, but whose presence was felt by everyone, "Meat Heat Beautiful Feet" tells the story of suburbian ennui gone Freudian.

It all started with a sentiment, a slight feeling of discomfort songwriter Dr. Boiko used to tell his guests about during regular weekend barbecues in his [...]

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Israeli Actress & Singer/Songwriter Embraces Her Persian Musical Roots

To label her up-and-coming would not be doing her prolific career justice: Liraz Charhi, alias Liraz, was born into a family that was all about 'the arts' and grew up surrounded by classical Persian music. Her family had emigrated to Israel in the 70s at the brink of the Iranian Revolution. She began singing, dancing and playing the piano at an early age and instantly knew this was her future.

As an actress, she's worked with Hollywood icons the likes of [...]

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Forgotten Treasures From Haiti

To promote a recent party in Montreal, Canada, the notorious MusicIsMySanctuary blog asked local staple Kobal, one of the city's most acclaimed and respected DJs and record collectors (and part of the Canicule Tropicale collective), to record a guest mix of forgotten Haitian gems, which he did. So without further ado, head over to Mixcloud for Kobal's "Haiti Legba Sound". You can find the tracklist below.

Nemours Jean Baptiste – Contre danse n-4

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The Jew In You

A Jewish Monkeys Interview On Deutschlandradio Kultur

Your favourite Jewish Monkeys are back for a series of six shows in Germany. On this occasion the band sat down with journalist Miron Tenenberg for a five-minute feature on the band in general, Jewish humour and their 'Jewishness' in particular.

While the piece was recently aired in German, here is an interesting comment made by singer Gael Zaidner in English, when asked why Germany audiences seem more engaged in the Monkeys' artistic interaction with their [...]

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